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Author: Natalie


Learn Photography In Bite-Size Chunks

The Photo School offers beginner photography walks, workshops and other events to help you get the most out of your digital camera.

Learn how to take better photos at the Photo School year round. We offer bite-size chunks of learning to suit your needs. So whether you want to:

you’ll be joining a fun and supportive photography club. You are encouraged to learn, develop your own photographic style – and most of all – are invited to have fun using your camera.

You are welcome to join if you have a compact camera, CSC, SLR or camera phone.


“Great tutors who offer friendly, helpful sessions for minimal outlay. Honestly, you’d never get this kind of expert advice at such low costs elsewhere. And they really do care that you’re enjoying the subject while learning.” Laura

Join other beginner photographers at one of our excellent events which include monthly workshops run by professionals and ‘pick and mix’ practice events and socials.

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